Our approach to training and coaching

Peppercorn Equestrian Centre approach to horse riding tuition is to combine the teaching and learning from professional Instructors to our students. This includes not only providing a safe environment, but also looking after the health and safety of our horses and students.

The horse should not only accommodate the rider, but the rider needs to accommodate for the horse. If this was to occur, too great a weight on a horse’s back can cause injuries and thus we have weight restrictions in place for people also to ensure safety in both area.

It is important to discuss this with our experienced staff at the time of booking any special needs or requirements to ensure that a suitable horse is available for your preferred day and time. 

Peppercorn Equestrian Centre want to ensure all people to be able to enjoy riding and learning in a safe environment and also have fun. Also at Peppercorn Equestrian Centre it is important that you also learn how to manage a horse and understand the requirement of maintaining a horse and also learning how to groom, feed and learn the safety aspects for your own knowledge. Please feel free to ask any questions as it important whilst learning, even when you are learning to ride for the first time and even if you want to further your ability to be involved with equestrian competition.

If you want to learn and be involved, feel free to contact us or email us


Published on  February 7th, 2018

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